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Local or Network Database

A local database is installed on your computer and is generally not shared. A local database is a great tool for collecting data and creating reports. A network database is usually the same program that you install on your computer; however, you install it on a network drive so that several users can read and update the data.

Cloud Hosted Database

A cloud hosted database is for a larger userbase where you have the need to access your data from anywhere. The advantages of a cloud based database is that you can choose if the data is accessed by a web browser or from a website. For example, you might have a contact us form on your website that writes the users response to your database so you can view it from any computer.

Big Data

Big Data has three characteristics: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Your business generates transactional data every time a sale is made. The collection of this data is a good use for big data. You may also want to collect data on proposals that did not turn into contracts. This information is a good set of data to analyze and find correlations for future proposals.

Database Software Which Our Team Develops Solutions and Manages for Clients

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Access runs on Windows only. Access database is a single file containing the front-end, back-end, as well as your data in one file. This makes distributing the database easy. You have flexibility to run the database from a local computer, a network server, or store on a SharePoint site. Access is great for small business data needs as well as data capture and reporting for teams.

Filemaker Pro

Filemaker Pro

Filemaker has a Mac and Windows version available and is able to run on a local computer or on a network. You also have the option to subscribe to Filemaker in the cloud. The software is a rapid database development program that contains the front end and backend in one package. Filemaker is great for small business needs and teams that need to track and report on their data.

Corel Paradox

Corel Paradox

Paradox is sold for Windows computers. The database program is a relational database management system where you create tables for different sets of data. Paradox stores data as file-based rather than a single file method. This application is good for small business needs as well as teams looking to manage and report on their data.

MySQL Database


MySQL is an open source relatoinal database that is highly utilized by businesses around the world. Advantages of MySQL include the built-in security, highly-efficient data storange, as well as a low total cost of ownership. The ease of use is the biggest reason to look at MySQL.

PostgreSQL Database


PostgreSQL is another open source database for the enterprise level. This database is best suited for applications that run complex queries such as where you need a ACID complient system for the financial industry or you need a database for business intelligence, data warehousing, and data analytics.

SQLite Database


Applications where you develop software for distribution, where you want to organize data in a database, SQLite is a good solution. You can deploy it on many operating systems including on smart phones. SQLite works best when it interacts with a single user - such as a mobile phone app.

Oracle Database


Oracle Database is the gold standard. Use of Oracle is best for large amounts of records. The behind the scene's is what makes Oracle so popular. Oracle is compatible with a very wide range of hardware coupled with operating systems. In addition, you can configure Oracle Net (communication layer) with many different configuaions that enable clients and the database server to share and modify data.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a good solution if you are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, and in some cases it is required such as a SharePoint server deployment. SQL server has many benefits such as it's built-in security, performance, and data analysis. If you generate a large amount of data you will like federation where tables are spread across different servers to balance the processing load.

Hadoop for Big Data

Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is the king of big data. The advantages are many, having distributed storage as a key sets this database apart. You will enjoy many benefits such as being open source, in addition, the databases offers parallel processing, it is scalable, and fault tolerant. You can store a variety of data, in large volumes, such as images and videos. Lastly, it runs on almost any hardware.


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